SUMMER IS HERE...!!!! so we have been told..

Summer Hours are on the left.....!!! Be safe on the road guys..!!

About Us

We acquired the site for Loomies in August 2007 and opened the doors on the 1st of September 2007. It had been closed / derelict for almost 3 years as far as we are aware.

It was not in the best of conditions with floors fallen in and leaking roof, not to mention the general condition it had been left in when it closed..!!!

Thanks to a great bunch of friends and some very skilled, fast and accommodating craftsmen, we got it done with quite literally minutes to spare. It’s just the two of us most of the time with some help from our family and friends.

So when we say we are a family run café, we definatly are! We have moved forward faster than expected and have our Garden area ready for use and already have our big screen, pool table and sofas.

We are open for everyone to enjoy but being situated on two of the finest biking roads in the south we do get many bikes even in bad weather. I must admit that watching bikes coming in and out on a lovely day does make us jealous being keen bikers ourselves.

During the past few years we have accumulated a great and varied bunch of regular customers who continue to make the cafe a welcoming and interesting place to be. Some of whom even seem to have adopted it as a second home (You know who you are guys..!)

We try to source as much of our produce locally as we can, Free Range Eggs and proper Sausages. Good cut back bacon and HP sauce...!!!

In 2008 we held our first full on bike maufacturer day with the help of Moto Rapido of Winchester and Snells of Alton, two local Ducati dealers. The day went brilliantly with demo rides and the Ducati show lorry, a good time had by all.

Since then we have never looked back having as many as we can every year throughout the summer. You can find out who will be here and when on our meets page.

So with all this information about us I bet your gagging to come down and see us ... so look to the left and you will see when you can get down here and check us out..!

See you soon......

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